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poetry is about expressing life in words

My Oluwadetan


I have read the minds of mortals like books with thousand pages

Scanned through hearts of creatures in a blink of an eye

Watched the glam of starry nights

Through the crescent birth of time in evening bloom,

Seen the shiny silvery coins mock the stains of sweaty face

And pretty gold stood the weight of fallen worth

But still my lady,

I have never seen a mind so calm in the midst of chaos like yours

Or seen a shiny smile so beautiful like an harvest of the sun’s gentle ray


I have seen the kingdoms of the earth in a flash of time

Learned about the deep treasures in Angels and Humans

Seen the distinct shades of natures in green around clustered trees

With curly roots tucked inside the earth’s bosom

Watched the stormy burst of the bluish Ocean, the smashing sleepless Sea

The silvery crown of the mountains with dews, dreaming delta of the river Nile

Sprinkling pattern of the dropping dew and an array of limbic lilies

But still my darling,

I have never seen a brow fondly wrapped with beaming smile

Or teeth with perfect gaps and matchless flaunt


I have seen the seasons of life and life of seasons

Experienced the taste of change and change of taste

The windy worth of winter’s wit, applausive aspiration of autumn’s hue

The steer of sporty spring followed by the sumptuous silk of summer suit

Fall and rise of water from a height, the matching boots of soldier ants

Gradient spread of the radiant raven across the glossy door of the sky

But my Oluwadetan,

I have never seen a lady as beautiful as you in daytime

Or found a lady born of woman as charming as you at night time

poetry and writing with bit of fashion

Never Judge A Poet by His Imagination

The candle and the flame

God bless Nigeria

To my beloved

To my beloved

The apple of Nature’s eye

The beauty of divinity

The pen of serenity

And the perfect handwriting of God’s trinity


I have come from a hundred miles

To cross mountains and swim through your eyes

In deep valleys of your love

I have come with a smiling face

And hands perfect as nature’s glove


Though i do not bring you

The fragrance of the morning rose

Though i do not come with delights

Of the grace of the purest gold

My book of love


Neither have i come with beauty of

Diamonds and stones

But my precious heart,

I have come this far with the best of heart

Rich in love and full with emotions for you alone

Though the stormy rain beat us hard

But the harder we will become my one

Though the sun melt us down

But in it we will get a perfect crown

There will be terrible frowns for all we say

But we will harvest tender smiles for all our days

There will be tears and fears

But we will last forever with cheers and cares

There will be aches and pains

But our life will be full of changes and gains


To my completeness

The apple of Nature’s eye

The beauty of divinity

The pen of serenity

And the perfect handwriting of God’s trinity


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